Online communication brings the same essentials as the traditional offline one. As you might know already, every contact that is done online always needs an Internet connection. A proper one is always a must. How the things changed from the way we talked to others verbally right in front of the person, and now we can do the same thing, even when apart.

Covid-19 also brings a lot of changes, the bad ones. Direct communication is limited, office hours are negligible, and even streets are now filled with nothing but desolation. The existence of online communication is a problem solver to relieve stress and makes us stay socialized despite the pandemic limitations.

Do you remember how we used to communicate with Friendster? Online communication has developed various ways to communicate and multiple platforms to enjoy. Even when they are generally the same, sometimes certain apps will feel handier than others.

During this pandemic, we often use particular programs to accommodate our communication and work stuff every day. Email, chat, and video conference is just a few of many examples. Let’s talk about them briefly.

  1. Email

As stated in the Essentials of Business Communication, Email is one crucial aspect for the lives of students and workers in general. Everyone communicates with email messages. It’s irreplaceable. Converting the traditional way of sticking memos, workers within the same company can now use emails to communicate professionally with colleagues.

Sending an email to your friends and your company are two different things. Email can be informal and formal based on the circumstances. You won’t send informal emails to your company. Otherwise, it would look bizarre to send very solemn emails to your friends. 

To send an email for business purposes, you need attention to details. Make sure that information contained within is said with a professional tone and straightforward. Use the generalized format for letters, and get to the point. Don’t forget to leave your signature.

  1. Chat / Instant Message

We can see how instant messages are slowly replacing emails. With the similar (or exact) function of an email generator, the instant message could be used to communicate or send business papers to clients.

Many people nowadays use WhatsApp or Telegram to communicate. Usually, they use it to share with friends or family. While in business or the workplace, email is always used as a professional gateway.

When sending messages through instant chat, make sure to think first before you type. Consider using appropriate words and sentences for specific receivers. Sending messages to friends is more flexible. With the use of stickers and animated GIFS, you can be as creative as you want.


  1. Social Media Communication

Social Media is a place where people are gathering and socialize with others. The way of socializing is variative. Through posts, feeds, and stories, they can tell people about their days. 

According to Introduction To Social Media by the University of Florida, Social Media is a platform to have conversations, information-sharing, and make exciting content for specific audiences. From blogs, wikis, and social networking sites, you can find many variants of social media to be explored.

  • Video Conference

One of the best types of online communication is Video conferences. It is best for the discussion and the coordination of ideas. Video conferencing platforms are Zoom Meeting, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Skype. It also best for emergencies because it does not matter about the physical locations of a participant.

When you can’t brainstorming with your work pals due to a pandemic, a video conference is a great relief. It is a place to discuss and share your thoughts with others via two-way communication. The only difference is that you’re seeing and talking to your camera, not the actual person. But, the essence is still there somewhere.

Some examples for this category are Zoom Meeting, Skype, and Google Meet. A stable internet connection is essential to do a good video conference. Since it’s a place to conversate with others, it’s best to mute when it’s not your time to talk. Slowly listen to others’ thoughts, and share what you think with them.